We’ve designed this unit with the right mount of technology, and old school durability. A voltmeter and ammeter tell you exactly what’s going on. No user intervention is required, and It doesn't use delicate electronics which would make it a throwaway product. It can actually be repaired!


Model QSP1275 is a serious tool designed for professional distributors, reclaimers, and fleet operators, to name a few.

Charge one, or one right after another 12 volt, AGM batteries such as the red, yellow or blue top type, or any pure lead battery that can withstand high charge rates. Recovers batteries from full discharge to 80% charged

in about 20 minutes. Recovers batteries that are as low as 2 volts.

200 amp clamps on 8’ DC leads


Input - 117 volts 60Hz. 13 amps


Output - 75 amps. 12 volts (14.6 max)


H.W.D - 8.5 x 10 x 11”


Weight - 40lbs.


3 Year Warranty